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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vintage 741 Telephone fitting Tips (Part 2)

This page is a follow on from our fitting a British 741 Vintage Wall telephone . Vintage 700 series telephones such as the 741 wall telephones usually have a 3 meter long GPO telephone standard line cord. However if you are lucky or have planned ahead many people have a telephone socket near to were they have fitted their vintage wall telephone. See example below

Rather than try to cut and shorten the GPO telephone line cord by re-terminating it, we believe it is far easier and safer to pull the spare telephone cord back inside the body of the telephone. These vintage wall telephones (711 or 741) have sufficient space inside them to store the spare telephone cable safely. See below. 

You can wrap the spare telephone line cord up neatly using an elastic band or a cable tie.

The only thing you need to be careful of is to make sure the spare telephone cable does not jam the vintage telephone switch hooks, see below for how it should look if you have done it correctly.

Then refit the vintage wall telephone case as shown in part 1 of this blog.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Fix for Slow dial on 746 Telephones

Vintage 746 telephone dials and 706 telephone dials can run slow over time. The instructions below explain how to clean/lubricate the governor to fix this problem.

1) Place a piece of sticky tape over the clear centre dial cover and pull if off quickly to safely remove the clear plastic centre dial cover.

This is shown in the picture below:

2) Remove the paper label and then unscrew the screw in the centre, to remove the clear plastic (with a flat blade screwdriver).

3) Remove the small wire retaining clip, this is easily removed with your fingers (see below)

4) Lift out the 746 telephone number plate backing (using a piece of sticky tape).

5) The inside of the vintage dial will look very similar to the photograph below. However although the inside parts will be the same shape they may well be different colours. Some parts of the dial mechanism may be plastic, others may be brass.

6) Then apply a small amount of thin watchmaker’s oil onto a cotton bud and use the cotton bud to clean out the dial governor cap. NEVER use WD40 as this will cause the dial to fail in a few months, its one of the worst thing you can use on these vintage telephone dials.

7) Move the cotton bud from side to side to get to the complete insides of the cup (see above and below).

8) Then replace the Number dial backing (see below).

9) Replace the small wire retaining clip (see below).

10) Replace the clear plastic finger dial and centre screw and tighten the screw (see below).

11) Test the dial rotates OK (to make sure the procedure has worked) and then finally replace the paper label and push fit the plastic centre cover. Then test the dial again.

All should now be OK and you should now repaired on of the UK's nostalgic 746 Telephones.